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A page for other resources for training, information and preservation of the 2nd Amendment.

T-Rex Arms- A great resource for training and learning how to be a more proficient shooter. Also, a great company that supports the 2A to its core.
StrelokPro- It’s a ballistic calculator app that you can input data on multiple rifles, loads for your rifles and play with zero theory before you go to the range and test it. I use it to get see where a BDC reticle will line up with my rifle and ammo combo. No link, just look it up in your App Store. Sorry. 
Wall mounted AR safe- I believe in safe storage for your guns, especially if you have kids like I do. But your gun should be easily accessible if you need it in a moments notice. I use this wall mounted AR safe because it holds my rifle on the wall, loaded and and ready to go. But all the internals are protected when locked. The trigger, Safety and mag release are all covered. With a physical key, or changeable combo, you can keep your guns out of the wrong hands, while being able to quickly protect the ones you love.
Targets- You will need targets to zero your rifle. For far too long I have gone and spent money on targets, when I could have just printed them myself. This target gives you instructions, and tells you how much to adjust optic based on what range you’re at with common adjustments.
TREX Arms also has targets that are great for working the fundamentals of shooting.

Take action- This is a link to the Firearms Policy Coalition to take action for any firearms legislation, either pro gun or to fight anti gun bills. Takes a minute of your time to help with gun bills on the national or state level.

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